Soul Centred Portal
Soul Centred Portal
Soul Centred Kinesiology

Welcome to Soul Centred Portal

Universal Temple for Soulpreneurs creating their realm of beauty, healing, well-being & prosperity.

Why You Should Join Me

Welcome! You're about to embark on a journey of self-discovery, divine creation and soul-healing.

Welcome yourself home to the temple of your own heart. 

Your inner light has called you here, and I'll be guiding you through the steps to connect with your own genius soul medicine.

Being in tune with your soul and all its wisdom is essential for living a healthy, happy life. 

It's just what you need for dealing with everything from stress to disease to life's big questions.

I'm a Energy Catalyst, so my sessions are designed to help you reconnect with your spiritual centre and live a more fulfilling and joyous life.

What exactly is a "Soul Centred Portal"? 

It's a place of magic and art—of creation and transformation. 

Working with me will be like dancing together: we'll create alchemy between us that infuses magic and healing energy into your life.

You're going to be taking an adventure into infinity as we work toward making your dreams come true. And one step at a time, you'll unlock the power within you—your connection with the divine within—to heal yourself and bring your dreams into being.

This is your universal temple time to connect with your inner silence and truth. This is your retreat to experience your wholeness. 

Your journey to wholeness is a wondrous and sacred thing.

In the world of duality, you know that there are opposites like dark and light—each with its own force within you. But when you are able to connect with your inner stillness, balance and truth, you will discover a place of oneness where all these opposing forces are no longer in conflict. In nonduality you realise that you are already whole, divine, and perfect.

Is this you? 

You are passionate about your journey and creating the great masterpieces of this life. Your light is cutting through the dark. 

You are a being of magic and your personal soul centred portal holds the key to unlock your inner healing, deepest treasure, truth, wisdom and joy. 

You are a commander of sovereignty and presence and you value sacred living in reverence and beauty. 

You realise your infinite potential and you ground you're true being into reality. 


Hi I’m Lisa, 

I like to play with magic, create an atmosphere of soulful freedom, and enjoy the secret that everything is connected.

I help people create fulfilling, heart-expanding and healthy lives that honour who they really are at their core - the true self. 

I’m a practitioner of Alchemy and Shamanic Healing, with a professional background in Kinesiology, Thetahealing, Life & Well-being Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Yogic Philosophy, Mysticisim, Sound Healing, and Ancient Esoteric Wisdom.

I've helped tons of people heal their whole being, and I'm on a mission to create a heart and soul centred culture, bringing revolutionary healing and divine feminine frequencies never before seen.

I believe that every human has been put here for a reason and is capable of healing themselves from any pain in the blink of an eye. 

I also believe that everyone deserves to be loved deeply and unconditionally, both by themselves and by others. And I believe we can each step into our highest potential for happiness, success, and peace—all through helping others do the same.

I am here to help you start seeing what you cannot see yet, and to help you walk into the life you are so ready to create.

What if you could live your life by a simple genius command of truth? 

What if you had access to the wisdom of sacred archetypes that could make your world into a masterpiece?

What if you can become the embodiment of the most masterful version of yourself?

I've been developing my own personal practices for years that have helped me do just that. My work with others has shown me that this kind of divine expression is possible for everyone!

The Soul Centred Portal is an invitation to connect with the true nature of your being and experience the majesty of divine love and infinite intelligence. 

Soul Centred Journey

Welcome to the Soul Centred Journey.

We all want to know that we matter. 

We want to feel like we have a purpose and a place in the world. 

We want to feel connected with the divine, the eternal, and our humanity. 

We want to discover our potential and feel lovingly moved by what we can create in this lifetime.

Soul Centred is a path of wholeness and self-discovery that will help you heal through your life's expression and reach your full divine potential. 

It's a journey that will support you on an emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual level, giving you access to unlimited power and potential as you develop tools for living well, balanced and sacred in every aspect of your life.

You'll be able to explore a variety of cutting edge holistic therapies that are designed to catalyse you to your own inner sanctum, heart healing and truth.  

You'll learn how to unearth your deep-seated issues from the past and all levels of belief (soul, ancestor, historical and childhood) and how they might be affecting you now, so you can stop repeating patterns and find new ways of thinking about situations in order to work with them rather than against them. 

You'll also discover how archetypal wisdom can help inform your decision-making process, allowing you access to higher levels of consciousness and sight while enabling you to reach creative goals more easily than ever before.

Enjoy and make yourself at home!